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Think Positive

Fandom: CSI: NY
Title: Think Positive
Author: Liv darkmagic_luvr
Pairing/Characters: Don Flack, Sheldon Hawkes, Danny Messer, Carla Fanucci (OC), mentions of Truly Pack (OC)
5101520fic_qifs Prompt: 5-25/#10.-You’re a grown man, stop whining
au_developments Prompt: 11. Up Close & Personal
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don’t own CSI:NY, I own anyone you don’t recognize, please ask permission if you’re going to use them.
Authors Note: Yeah more fic buried in my computer! This is set after Finer Points and Point Made.

Sheldon jumped as Don slammed the break room door when he walked in.

“You son of a bitch,” said Don loudly, walking around the room and standing in front of Sheldon. “You fucking knew.”

“Knew what?” asked Sheldon, frowning up at him. “I know a lot of... fucking stuff-”

“You knew Truly was pregnant and you didn’t tell me.”

“Woah,” Sheldon and Don looked around as Danny froze halfway through the door in. “Ahh, wow. I should go.”

“Fuck it, Messer. Just stay,” grumbled Don, rubbing the heel of his hand over his forehead in aggravation.

“I don’t think I should....”

“You know why I didn’t tell you?” asked Sheldon, getting up from his chair and looking Don straight in the eye. “Because she didn’t want me to. She wanted to tell you herself.”

“Ya could have given me a warning,” whined Don. “Coulda let me know she was gonna let me-”

“This is Truly, Flack,” said Sheldon slowly. “She’s crazy.”

“I know, it’s just...overwhelming.”

“When did she tell you?” asked Danny quietly from the door, making Don and Sheldon jump.

“Like five minutes ago,” said Don softly, running his hands over his face. “Look, Hawkes, I’m sorry, I’m being a moron. It’s not your fault.”

“It’s okay, Don,” said Sheldon, sitting back in his chair. Danny was still staring at Don with his mouth hanging open slightly.

“You really knocked her up?” he asked in disbelief, shaking his head. “I’m sorry but do you have no control-?”

“Don’t,” said Don harshly, looking at Danny angrily. “Don’t talk about it at all, Danny.”

“And you’re not even dating-”

“What did I just say?” asked Don threateningly. “Don’t talk about it, that’s what I said. So drop it.”

“Alright,” said Danny, holding his hands up defensively. “Won’t bring it up.”

“Thank you,” Don muttered, running his hand over his face again and walking out of the break room, leaving Danny and Sheldon staring after him.

“Wow,” said Danny after a moment, and looking over at Sheldon. “Wow.”

“Say ‘wow’ again, and I’ll kill you.”


Danny hesitated slightly before walking into the diner he was meeting Carla at. They got together every now and then so she could catch up with him and he could get caught up with Truly (since he rarely talked to her and Don wouldn’t talk about her). Carla was sitting at a booth in the back of the diner, flipping though a magazine and twirling her straw around her iced tea. Danny headed over to her, making her grin as he sat down across from her, not looking up from her magazine.

“What’s your sign?” she asked once he sat down, making him stare at her.


“What’s you’re sign, Danny?” Carla asked again, turning her magazine around to show him the horoscopes. Danny chuckled and shook his head at her.

“I gotta talk to you.”

“Gossip?” asked Carla, tossing her magazine over her shoulder and into the seat next to her, suddenly uninterested in it.

“The worst kind.”

“Spill, Dan.”

“Truly’s pregnant,” the look on Carla’s face fell, and she stared at Danny blankly, trying to read him.

“Please, tell me you’re not serious,” said Carla. Danny shrugged and Carla groaned, dropping her head onto the table. “This isn’t happening again.”

“‘Fraid so- wait, what?”

“Again,” said Carla loudly, banging her head against the table again. “Again, she’s pregnant again! And I’m betting Don’s the daddy. Am I right?”

Danny looked at her with his mouth hanging open, trying to come up with something to say, but ending up nodding instead.

“How did you find out?” asked Carla, looking up at Danny, resting her chin on her arm.

“Flack,” said Danny, finding his voice. Carla nodded and fiddled with the straw in her ice tea.

“Well, at least she’s telling him about his kids now.”

“What happened to the last one?” asked Danny hesitantly. Carla blinked up at him and shrugged.

“She got rid of it.”

“‘Got rid of it’?” repeated Danny. “Like an abortion, got rid of it?”


“And Flack knows?”


“He doesn’t?” Carla shook her head and Danny half groaned, half sighed, sitting back in the booth. “When did she do it?”

“Like a year ago. And she didn’t tell Don anything.”

“Then we should tell him,” said Danny suddenly, looking at her with a glint in his eyes. “Maybe it’ll get them talking again-”

“Or something bad will happen.”

“C’mon, Carla, think positive.”

“Fuck you.”
Tags: au_developments*virtigo, character_carla fanucci, character_danny messer, character_don flack, character_sheldon hawkes

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